[CR]Old Peugeot

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From: Phil Grizic <pgrizic@haggie.co.za>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:49:52 +0200
Subject: [CR]Old Peugeot

I have recently purchased an old Peugeot bike and was looking through the CR web site on Peugeot and the PX 10 section, but this still does not help me, so I am opening this up to the list.. The bike has been fully chromed so no decals of any sort. Looking at the web site on Nervex - I would say that the lugs on the bike are the Nervex Professional ones - all over. It has Simplex rear dropouts with eyelets on the front and the rear dropouts. It has the pump peg lugs on the down tube. The rear brake housing goes under the top tube - very similar to the very latest bikes and the bikes from the 50's. There is no serial number on the bottom of the BB. The only serial number appears on the left rear dropout and appears to be 21 or 91 followed by a space and then 765. Seatpost diameter looks like 26.4mm or there abouts. Is it possible to identify the approx year of manufacture and what model it is - What is the real difference between the PLX 8 and the PX10 I also have a problem getting into the decals site - is there a problem ? Not all of the photos on the web site can be enlarged so I can't see some of the details to compare mine with them. Looking at the mid 50's ones it appears that in the 50's the rear brake cable ran under the top tube and that in the 60's it started to run on top of the top tube and was attached by 3 little clips. The person I purchased it from thought it was from mid 70's and said the original colour was white and it had the checkerboard effect on it and Peugeot in capital letters. If this is true then why does the rear brake cable go under the top tube like in the 50's??? Any help will be appreciated

Phil Grizic
Durban - South Africa