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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 21:19:35 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Phil Wood Hub Quality?

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<< Mike Kone in Boulder CO - where Campy crank arms break, tubular base tapes come unglued, Phil hub flanges fail, and where Campy 8sp bikes have front derailleurs which throw chains - even though Campy denied there ever was a problem. >>

Geez Mike, you live in cycling HELL, all that stuff crapping out left and right, and I thought it looked so nice when I was out there! :)

You know, all any of us can do is report our personal experiences as there are no data bases around to tell us the truth. However I am always suspicious of third hand gossip...

I have been plying this trade for nearly 30 years and most all the time in a pretty respected "pro" shop, selling a lot of Phil and Campy, and I have seen virtually no "failures" as are described in Phil hubs, bbkts, nor Campy bbkts for that matter. I guess I would not be surprised that some did, but it sure as heck is not a likelihood that I would stay awake at nights over...

In defense of Phil hisself, I never found him haughty about his stuff but always so gentle and nice, never refusing to replace or repair even stuff that been fudged up by the customers. I have a pair of very early 1970s Phil hubs which I have repacked the bearings many times and they are still awesome. Yes, a tiny jiggle at the rims but that really doesn't seem to hurt how they work once you get over the oddness of it!

The first generation hubs had a problem (not Phil's fault) in that after a few years of heavy outdoor use, the center sleeve chrome plating could rust if not very carefully maintained. Mine, even with a lot of TLC, are starting to spot rust after 30 years. They changed to stainless steel, then to the all aluminum current style...

Way back when there also was a short-lived problem with the Phil bbkts getting out of synch, i.e., the right side would not stay in alignment with the left side.. They would shift out maybe 5-20 degrees. Phil quickly replaced the 2 or 3 we had...

My 2 scents!

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