Re: [CR]Jantex tubular rim tape

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Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 05:12:51 -0700
From: Bill Bryant <>
To: classicrendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Jantex tubular rim tape
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Along with the problems you cite, I recall discovering that Jantex rim tape allowed more tire creep on long descents with lots of braking when compared to a proper glue job. So, after a few experiments with rim tape, including gluing it to the rim as you write, I kept gluing on tubulars in the normal fashion. It took longer, but it held the tire on better in all situations if done properly, IMHO. As to the brand of glue, I always felt Tubasti was inferior stuff compared to red Clement road glue too. (Used 3M #8031 for track applications.) Under hard braking on mountain descents with Tubasti, the tire seemed to roll more suddenly, while the Clement allowed some creep and warned the rider things were getting too hot. When installing a spare tire after a puncture, the Clement held it better and quicker, while the Tubasti took longer to set up and ride safely. In terms of initial application with a new tire, Tubasti might have been a little more forgiving to the novice.

Bill Bryant Santa Cruz, CA

Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> Steve Neago wrote:
> >
> > How durable and effective is Jantex tubular rim tape for use with tubular tires and rims? How does this compare with Tubasti or Velox rim cement?
> My experience: A couple of months ago I had finished a pair of new
> sew-up wheels for a restored bike that gets ridden once in a while and
> wanted a really clean job so decided to try Jantex (France) rim tape
> (strip of cloth with adhesive on both sides).
> Used lacquer thinner to clean the bed of the new rim, applied the tape
> and mounted the tire. Great! No muss, no fuss, very clean, no oozing
> glue. Road the bike, no creeping tire, stuck good and tight. After a
> couple of rides I got a flat, removed the tire and the Jantex stuck
> tight to the tire and came off the rim. Peeled the Jantex off the tire;
> it really wants to stick to itself and get all folded and twisted
> without the application backing. Restuck the Jantex back onto the rim
> bed (Jantex no longer smooth and straight), stuck the spare on and
> finished the ride. Got home and pulled off the spare sew-up and the
> Jantex again comes off the rim; really tangled up this time. Decide to
> use glue like I always did in the past!
> Now I remember what I read in the 1970s about Jantex. You need to glue
> it to the rim bed! Of course what would be the point, since if you're
> gonna use glue you don't need to use the Jantex too (belt and
> suspenders)? Well one of the things was that if you had a sew-up that
> was stretched and kind of a loose fit on the rim you would use Jantex to
> build up the rim bed so the tire would be a better fit.
> Maybe if you were touring years ago with tubular tires the roll of
> Jantex would be neater in the bottom of the bag than a tube of oozing Tubasti?
> Anyone else have some war stories?
> Chuck Schmidt
> SoPas, SoCal