[CR]'54 Major Nicholls frame for sale

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From: <NortonMarg@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 16:03:08 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]'54 Major Nicholls frame for sale

I recently acquired a 1954 Major Nicholls frame on ebay out of Australia. The frame itself is in remarkably good condition with the exception of a broken rear derailleur cable stop. I was disappointed in the finish as I expected to be in "as found, 1961" condition. Apparently they make a hobby down there of repainting racing bikes almost every year. The seller said he got it in this condition, and I would describe it as heavily retouched. The hand lettering on the down tube has been "freshened", the paint resprayed or brushed over everything except the original head tube and down tube decals. Those have been painted a little more than just "up to" with a brush. It needs to be redone and I don't want to do it. Seat tube is 24" ctt. I can send measurements to someone who want to buy it. I'm in it $230 + $50 shipping. $200 takes it away, plus shipping. I think that's a reasonable price even considering the finish, which looks ok from about 10 feet. My disappointment
can be your gain.
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA