Re: [CR] Old vs. new again

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From: "Richard Rose" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Old vs. new again
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 21:52:19 -0400

I have just a couple of comments regarding this thread. A thread I might add that seems to come up about once a year or so on this list, and never really goes anywhere. It cannot. Too many "opinions". It is a little entertaining though. First, as some on the list already know, I am fortunate enough to ride a Richard Sachs bicycle, and I really do mean fortunate. So, that says something about what I value in a bicycle. That being said, I think that the likes of Trek & Cannondale have done more than anyone else to bring high performance bicycles to an ever increasing number of enthusiasts & serious riders. For less than $1000.00 a person can get a bike that is far better in quality & performance terms than what we could get for comparable, oh lets say 1980 dollars. Or, if that is not entirely true, at least many more folks can get a good racing bike without having to either break the bank or wait a long time for delivery. Mass production has helped here, that's all I am saying. I don't want any of those bikes, but lots of folks do & that is why they are there. You know, every Saturday morning I go for a nice ride with 20 - 30 friendly people, 2 or 3 on lugged bikes. I can think of my own, a very nice Peter Weigle & a Waterford. The rest run the gamut & are of little or no interest to me, but their owners seem to like them & the company is good. I think that's what matters. The bikes don't, except for mine! Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)