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Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 23:24:36 -0600
From: "M4Campy" <>
Subject: Re: Not negative just reality ([CR]Re: Chuck's brilliance)
References: <> <a05100300b90dd0935b59@[]> wrote:
> Face it folks we love old bikes because they look good and hold a lot
> of history for us. Just like vintage collectors of cars, radios, and
> toasters it's about heart felt feelings associated with the object.

Just like old times, eh Monkeylad? Seem like this thread comes up every couple of months but I think you hit it on the head, it's about the bike, the looks, the history they hold, etc...

But, just because we may not like the look of some of the newer stuff it doesn't mean they are not worthy... I know Chuck likes the Cinelli Starship or what ever it is. It appeals to his eye at an artistic level. Me, no thanks... 2 each his own.

The question is how collectable will these be in the furture? Greg seems to think 20% of original value. Chuck sold a couple of Confente's for less their orignal value 10 years ago. But if he sold them now, wow!

And these newer bikes, if they don't last like we think they won't... Heck, there will be less of them around and so they will be very collectable for the 40 year old in 2020... How much is fluff, how much is sheer inovation??? Do we know inovation when we see it, or later as we reflect? That's (shameless plug) why Sachs is so cool, he trancends it all.

Old and new in harmony, cats and dogs living together, etc... Ok, Greg and Chuck can shake hands, wait two months and we can have this debate again:)

Mike "Just back from the Lion King, no - not Cipo" Wilkinson Parker, CO