[CR]Classic ride and ebay outing

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Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 07:22:46 -0400
From: <wspokes@penn.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Classic ride and ebay outing

Good day to all,

First, I have some ebay items. More of the same, a couple of chainrings again.


Next up, I had a wonderful ride yesterday and a local tour in DuBois, Pa. cool weather, no Rain, couldn't complain. I was able to toss on the long sleeve Bianchi woolie and get out the classic cromoly Bianchi bicycle (newer components) and head out from my folk's house, riding about 8 miles into the Tour de Lake, which winds and twists its way on an awfully hilly course through Treasure Lake. Dipping into valleys and excruciating sharp uphills make this ride an adventure. Never a moment of rest. There was a terribly low turnout this year and I suspect this ride has seen its final days. Probably under 30 people in all showed up for the 8 mile fun ride and the 20 mile long run. I managed to spot several other classics while out there. An old Raleigh outfitted with old Dura Ace components. Beautiful lugs and still quite a sharp paint job. you could tell this bike hasn't seen the outdoors too often. Raleigh fans forgive me, I don't know much about the marque to give specifics about the frameset other than the fact it was about 10cm too large for the guy riding it. It was amusing watching him dismount at the end of the day. Another old bicycle was spotted, a Somec. It had seen better days and from our recent comments on the list, I wish I could've gotten a picture of the top tube. It looked as though this thing had sat under a rainspout of saltwater for the past 20 years. I would have been scared to even try to ride this. It was literally eaten all the way through for about 2 inches on top...I was absolutely amazed. One wrong move and if he visited the top bar, a nasty wound to the you know what and a tetanus shot would be a must! I managed to hook up and ride the entire ride with a young lady, Nicole, who rode for Slippery Rock University. She had an old lugged Panasonic with downtubes shifters and suntour components. She was quite a good rider and I was happy for that, I had someone to talk to without having to crawl to ride with someone. Plus she was cute! I finished by riding home for some extra miles. All in all, it was a great day and a great ride. Thanks for reading

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