Re: [CR]Old Masi vs fat new bikes

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From: "David Goerndt" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Old Masi vs fat new bikes
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 17:54:06 -0400

[CR]Old Masi vs fat new bikes

> Driving to Guard drill this morning in sunny Fargo, ND, I saw a number
> of luckier guys riding downtown to Island Park cycles to meet up for the
> Sunday morning ride. After identifying a number of modern fat tubed
> machines, I sorta of stopped paying attention. So, I wasn't able to ID
> the vintage looking orange skinny tubed machine that I saw out of the
> corner of my eye.
> Four hours later, with me on the way to lunch, there was the orange bike
> again, heading home. A Masi. Classic decals, classic color, but don't
> ask me about the components. So, there's at least one vintage ride
> still in use up here on the tundra, going head to head with the fat
> tubed boys.
> I did get out on my aero Behringer the evening before. Riding in the 25
> mph headwind was a great wind tunnel test for the flat tubes. The
> Behringer is my dream come true bike for now.

Ah, Fargo, my old haunt. In N. Dakota there is always a headwind! ;-) I bought my first PX 10 from Al's Bike Shop in Fargo. Road time trials with the local racers. Great times.

David Goerndt
Orlando, FL