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OK, maybe I am just getting sensitive in my old age. Or maybe it is a bad day. But I have to look at Dale's intent about the list, and his many reminders over the several months I have been here, and not only agree violently, but vote with my feet.

I live in Europe because I like the "old fashioned" civility and consideration over here better than over there. I believe most of that to have developed because of the utter freedoms we have there (but leave some room for the Dutch in that department!), but that is a philosophical issue for another time. I think the example set by the postings of two "engineers" of late, coupled with the "damn the laws, let me have my decals" and "warranty means forever no matter what I do to it" issues as voiced by many demonstrates my concerns.

So while there is, indeed, a wealth of knowledge on this list that (would it be possible) should be captured somehow for posterity, it isn't worth listening to the rest of it any more. [N.B. Any "engineer" naive enough to believe that the world is always market driven, and not engineering driven, either is very young or has not been paying attention.]

I wish you all the best. Please keep up the good work toward the preservation of the bicycles of a bygone era. Truly a valuable contribution to cultural history, IMHO.

Cheers...Gary Outta' here in Haarlem, North Holland, NL >>

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