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Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 06:10:52 -0400
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Is it time to revise/add to the old VRBN price guide started by Mike Kone & posted on Sheldon's website?I find myself referring to this listing quite often as a starting point to evaluate what something is 'WORTH' to ME. I realise that a consensus opinion on price is a pipe dream,but I think that a tool such as this would be useful to all in starting the process of establishing a price point. Could this be an addition to your list Mr.Deeter? Again this would be a 'GUIDE' to pricing vintage bikes & by no means the HOLY GRAIL. Nick Zatezalo Atlanta,Ga. -------- Forwarded message -------- Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 00:47:03 EDT From: Reply-to: To:, Subject: Re: [CR]Price Fishing License

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<< BUT, Dale, I wonder if you see the CR list as an appropriate place to ask "What would be a reasonable price to pay for one of those Twizgets if I find one?" A bike or part rare in my region may be very common in another. I would sometimes like to know if the item for which I'm about to pay a premium price is way-common up in New England, for example. >>

Ok, I can see your point here... but even the "What would be a reasonable price to pay for one of those Twizgets if I find one?" is a sort of futile exercise because what I would pay depends upon my need for that part and it's relative availability.

I remember CR member Ted Williams wrote a while back that he was amazed that folks would grab up and pay so much for items he was selling because for him they were so common at local swap meets in his San Francisco area... I explained to him that there are not swap meets ('cept for the Cirque now) for literally many hundreds and hundreds of miles for me and most CR readers!

Again, if one wants to know what stuff really sells for, eBay searches can tell you the reality. And whether you have happened upon a bargain when you find that first generation SR rear derailleur for $50.00!

Reading 20 CR members argue about whether or not they would pay X amount for some item is not my idea of fun though!!

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