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Dale is correct. I will add: You "should" also have your your rear triangle coldset for the additional 4mm. needed for the hanger. That is if your frame is not made for the hanger already, most are not. So, if your rear tri. is currently spaced for a 6 spd. @ 126 mm., you will need to have it set to 130 mm., if you want to continue to use a 6 spd., and make sure the frame and D/O's are aligned after that. You "should" also replace your Q/R skewer with a longer one as well. Campagnolo also sold the entire kit (longer axle, longer skewer, RH shifter assembly, chain hanger w/mounting bolts) as well as the separate parts.

By the way, the Porta Catena debuted at the '77 Milan show. Very, very few manufactures incorporated it into any of their models as a stock feature. One of the few that did was Bianchi, on their Super Corsa model.

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<< Speaking of holy dropouts my Mercian has one, and is in need of a porta catena to fill it. Does anybody have an extra they would like to sell? >>

I don't have an extra to send you but I want to remind you that there is more involved than just bolting on the parts.... You need a longer rear axle and redishing of the wheel (& possible spoke length inadequacies?) to allow the extra room needed for the chain shelf to fit in there between the smallest FW cog and the frame........

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