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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 17:35:35 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]French/Canadian/British/Mexican???????????????????????????????
From: "Bob Reid" <>
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with due respect, I'd ask you to read the last posting I made (which I've copied below) to the list. If this isn't clear enough, what other language would you like me to write it in, because I can't make it any clearer in plain English;
> Before anyone blows a gasket over the British & French group, can I perhaps
> reiterate and add to what Bruce said yesterday in respect of the above group
> ;
> - It is not another CR like bike "discussion" list.
> - It is a website
> - It is devoted entirely to words,pictures, ephemera etc. relating to the
> bicycles from British & French manufacturers, small and large from any era
> up to present day.
> - The information on it will come from a group of people, many of whom are
> currently members of the CR list.
> - What group mailing will happen, will be to those people who have shown
> interest and will relate to additions and changes to the website.
> - Dale is more than welcome to link to anything we have (as happens at
> present with other websites) for the benefit of the CR group / website.
> - No one needs to read anything into any of this.
> Those are the facts, what more can we say ?
> Thank you for listening.

Is it now not clear that we are intending to do none of those things you suggest and excuse me, but since when did the CR become the WWW clearing house for all classic information ? My own website is built round contributions of which more than 75 per cent are from "readers" who are not the remotest bit interested in group discussions or have even heard of CR. It just a case of eating Elephants.


So as not to go behind anyones back, I'll ask this on-list. Can you please ask for this thread to be stopped ? It is counterproductive to the whole point of this list, too which we intend to pose no threat.

Bob Reid