[CR]Unsolicited Testimonial + Update

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From: "Beyer Jr., Chris (C.C.)" <cbeyer2@volvocars.com>
To: "'classicrendezvous@bikelist.org'" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 17:25:28 -0400
Subject: [CR]Unsolicited Testimonial + Update

Fellow Packrats:

After having read the various contributions to the discussion regarding the primary focus of the CR list in terms of nation of origin of one's bikes, I'd just like to comment that I've learned a lot from the list, and hopefully contributed something to various discussions (other than comic relief)..............and I have yet to add an Italian bike to the stable, though one is admittedly on its way.

So, I thought this might be an opportunity to solicit an update of what we have lurking in our basements, garages, barns, or living rooms. Here's today's inventory, which will most likely change tomorrow; listed not in order of preference, but right-to-left since I'm left-handed:

Phil Brown Dawes Realmrider Dawes Galaxy Raleigh Lenton Sport Schwinn Sport Tourer Mercian King of Mercia Touring Mercian Vincitore Special Centurion Pro Tour Unidentified French Bike (acquired from John Barron) Moulton FX-80 Rivendell Atlantis Thorn Nomad Lotus Elan (no, not the car....) Libertas Terrot Armstrong 3-speed Drysdale track bike Raleigh Clubman (soon to depart for Pennsylvania) Raleigh Record Ace Moulton Mk. 3 Rudge Sport 3-speed Holdsworth Special Bridgestone XO-2 Peugeot PGN-10 (?) Meral Peugeot boatanchor MTB beater

Plus framesets: Raleigh Record Ace Mal Rees (built by Bill Hurlow) Carlton (2) Sun Manxman 3Rensho tour/MTB prototype Moulton Stowaway

W here did they all come from? Why don't some of them leave? I need a bigger garage.......

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