Re: [CR] FS Cinelli headbadge update

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Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 18:33:08 -0600
From: "Michael Kone" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] FS Cinelli headbadge update

Hi folks,

The Cinelli headbadge sold - multiple folks emailed instantly that they wanted it but first come first served.

For those still interested, the stems are still available and the size of the Cinelli suit is XL.

Thanks folks, Mike Kone in Boulder CO

At 05:28 PM 5/23/02 -0600, Michael Kone wrote:
>Hi CR folks,
>Cleaning out some odds and ends here and I thought I'd post a few things
>for sale:
>A) Cinelli headbadge - one of the ones Cinelli sold a few years back for
>the Tokyo replica bikes - like the original old headbadges but a more
>shiney brass background and almost but not exactly the same as the original
>old ones. Still, if you need a headbadge for a restoration this is way
>better than a decal. Never mounted $ 85.
>B) Cinelli badged steel track stem - not the real steep one but not a
>road drop. 11.5cm in lousy shape - badge needs refinishing and stem chrome
>is lousy - but an NOS similar drop 9.5cm track stem without badge is
>included as a package - refinish and transfer the badge onto the other stem
>and away you go. Package for $ 110
> (saw some track stems alone go for $90ish on ebay so this is a deal)
>C) Cinelli steel track stem no badge 9.5cm NOS - "in between" drop - not
>steep track but not road.......$ 68
>D) Cinelli yellow jumpsuite - modern logo of course, very cool - new in
>the bag..$85.
>Mike Kone in Boulder CO. Shipping extra - checks prefered but possibly
>could fire up the credit card machine and take either MC or Visa or Discover.
>From the old owner of Bicycle Classics inc.