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Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 09:53:18 -0600
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The true team bikes were often very special - in the early to mid 70's I believe, but am not sure, that they were Worksop bikes like many of the other Raleighs, but they were clearly built in a much more handmade fashion. The mid 70's team bikes were finished at the dropouts often in a French style, and often the seatcaps were unique as well.

Eventually the Ilkston shop was set up (1977 or so?) to make the 753 bikes, and those were really hand built very nicely detailed frames. At that time, I'm not sure where the 531 team bikes were being made, but some really nice 531 team bikes emerged that were very nicely construced (for a Raleigh).

In the late 70's Raleigh really started exploiting the team colors. There even were basic Raleigh Record (as in the late 70's steel rim basic 10sp US model Record Ace - below the Grand Prix - in the team colors). The version here looks a lot like a Raleigh Competition at a quick glance. Probably a very pleasant frame in any case, but not a hand built frame like a true team would be. I'm not real positive on all this, so some real Raleigh fans might have more info on it.

By the way - I have a low mileage Team 753 full Super Record bike of the period, the real deal, in team colors, in super nice condition, in about the same size (about 21.5 to top - probably a bit shorter top tube though) that I would sell for $1,500 if anyone is intersted in the real deal. I've been on the fence about selling it, but cash will talk.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

At 10:13 AM 5/24/02 -0500, Jim Cole wrote:
>Scott McCaskey wrote:
>>Well, here is a shameless plug for a Raleigh team paint scheme frameset
>>that I have just listed on ebay. Check it out at
>What's the difference in this Raleigh Record and the Team Pro? Scott's
>very nice looking Record does have eyelets and I don't recall seeing any
>Team Pros with them. I'm guessing there's a difference in lugs and
>such, but would love to here from the experts and enthusiasts alike!



>Jim Cole

>Memphis, TN