[CR]Hetchins Twin plate crown advanced notice of auction

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Date: 24 May 2002 20:36:06 +0000
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "a d m" <adm@altavista.co.uk>
Subject: [CR]Hetchins Twin plate crown advanced notice of auction

Hetchins Twinplate Fork Crown for Auction on the CR list

Dale Brown has given you special dispensation to do this as an exception to the "firm price rule."

Start time will be 31st May 02 @ 10:00pm BST I think that's 2:00 pm PDT the auction will run for 48 hours only Finish time will be 2nd July 02 @ 10:00 pm BST again I think this is 2:00 pm PDT

I have one genuine Hetchins twin plate fork crown, this item is extremely rare, I looked for over 2 years before finding any this one is surplus, one of you will be lucky. Please look at the pictures, the ornamentation is added to the basic crown whilst the fork is assembled, it should be possible to source these from a lug cutter.

The fork blades needed to fit this crown are the round type preferred by Hetchins

Pictures shown on this web link

http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/admooreuk double click the Hetchins album

All bids MUST be made on the mailing CR site for all to see Final payment will be in UK £ (sterling) I will pay the worldwide shipping cost You pay the insurance if required All bids outside of these times will be ignored All bids to my email address will be ignored Highest bidder at 10:00pm BST or before will be the winner

Any dispute Dale's decision is final

All proceeds will be donated to the Tibberton Village Hall, the headquarters of the Hetchins weekend in the UK. This will allow them to up grade the building

email me with any questions at adm@altavista.co.uk

All rules will be confirmed at the start of this Auction

Andrew Moore
Wiltshire UK