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I've heard two stories regarding the pronunciation of Singer. I've heard Fred's version and I've heard that Alex Singer wasn't originally from France and whatever country he was from pronounced the last name like the folks that make sewing machines. I'm not sure what is correct but how would I know, I just build frames. I do know how to pronounce Rivendell though.

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    The company was started by Singer. Eventually, he brought his nephew Ernest Csuka into the company. (I believe that Ernest's brother also worked at Singer but don't bet your house on that one yet.) Singer passed away and Csuka became the proprietor of the business.
     The name is pronounced "san-zhey". It's not so easy to render in English - the first sylable rhyms with the French pronunciation of their word for wine (i.e. vin). The second sylable is like all those other French words that end in "ger" - like etranger. I hope that helps, I'm really doing my best on this one.
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