RE: [CR]Aftermarket Derailleur Pulleys

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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Aftermarket Derailleur Pulleys
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 08:47:32 -0700

Don W. writes:
> Does anyone know of a brand of aftermarket pulleys that will work on a
> Simplex SLJ5000 and SLJ6000 derailleur. The ones that I have checked out
> at several local bike shops won't work. The inside diameters are too
> tight to accept the cage bolts on the derailleur. I know I can get NOS
> Simplex pulleys from Harris Cyclery, but really want some of those trick
> anodized aluminum types. Also, will Campy pulleys (NR,SR) work?

As you are finding, all current derailleurs (AFAIK) use 5mm bolts, and you need 6mm. Campy is also 5mm, but Suntour was 6mm.

BTW, we don't talk about modern "trick anodized aluminum" stuff here! I'm not going to help you ruin the classic perfection of your Simplex!

Mark Bulgier
Seattle, Wa