Re: [CR]Unusual Phil Wood Hubs??

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Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 19:25:46 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Unusual Phil Wood Hubs??
From: "Steven m Johnson" <>

On Mon, 27 May 2002 14:35:09 EDT writes:
> When I look at mine (which doesn't have
> any
> script) I can't think of a practical way to remove the pitting on
> it. The
> pitting on mine is minor but it certainly won't buff out. On the
> other hand if it were in a wheel one probably would not see it.

I bought a sad PW hub (046) at this URL quite awhile back.

I wasn't expecting much, and really just bought to dissect. Bearings were fine, barrel was corroded inside and out. When you shook it you could hear rust scale inside. A Phil Wood maraca.

There was also no red "Phil" engraved on the barrel, so it is an oldie, at least early 70s. This is definitely a pre-FSA hub that everyone would be reminded had to be sent back to PW to be serviced. Heck, got it cheap, so I played with it, and have it built up and rolling on a beater bike now.

Using scraps of hard wood, a lathe, and a little bit at a time I built some presses to take it apart, and reassemble. Could not believe it when they worked. It is pretty neat how it goes together, the tolerances. I copper brushed out all the scale, and Framesavered the inside, replaced the bearings I destroyed taking it apart.

The outside barrel can really be cleaned up with 0000 steel wool and Brasso. Of course you are not going to rechrome the deep pits, but it makes what's left look much better.

The hub is beat, but I could never afford one in the old days. No real loss. It uses the 1/4 allen wrench on the end bolts. Note of caution, if you take your garbage disposal wrench, it is pretty soft and the steel will twist so it is only good for a couple of tightenings or loosenings.

Anybody remember what Raleighs these came on up into the 70s? Was it the Grand Prix?<blah> We had one of these in a parts box, in a shop I worked. Much to my regret, my Campy lust prevented me from really looking it over that much. Some Brasso and 0000 steel wool would probably shine that up real well for a unique fixed gear wheel.

Steven M. Johnson, Chesapeake, VA

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