[CR] Items for Sale 29/5/02

Example: Framebuilders:Brian Baylis
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:18:10 +0100
Subject: [CR] Items for Sale 29/5/02
From: "Hilary Stone" <hilary.stone@blueyonder.co.uk>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>

Latest list of frames and parts for sale to CR members before they go back to Ebay. All items are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Enquire for actual cost if you like before deciding. Photographs are available of most items and can be emailed if required. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.45 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques in $ are also fine but money orders in $ are not possible. Shipping frames to the US or Japan costs approx $110 in a double walled box. Regards Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

PRESTO TONI MERKENS DROOPY TRACK STEM NOS c1948-55 This design of stem curves gently downwards to offer a good low position especially important in the 40s and 50s when your Œcorrect¹ size of frame was larger than it is today. It is in virtually perfect condition and would be an excellent talking point on any track or time trial machine of the period. $55

MICHELIN 27 x 1/8 HI-LITE ROAD TYRES (Pair) NOS perfect with kevlar bead ideal for mounting on Mavic E, E2, MA2 rims etc. Extremely rare to get such good quality 27in tyres. $35 the pair

CONSTRICTOR/BSA 1in PITCH TRACK SET suitable for a 1930s/40s track bicycle. Included is a pair of 6 1/2in Constrictor cranks (made by BSA), a 24T 1 x 1/8in BSA chainring, a NOS 8T 1 x 1/8in sprocket and a NOS Renolds 1 x 1/8in block chain. These parts are all very rare and were the top equipment used on 1930s track bikes. The cranks are in very good condition though the plating is a little worn and dull but there is very little pitting. The chainring is only lightly used and the chrome plating is generally excellent - there is just a very little faint pitting in one small area. $275.

CONDOR (LONDON) HEAD BADGE NOS Condor Cycles are one of the premier bike shops in London. This badge dates from between 1948 and 1978 - they have moved to two other addresses in Grays Inn Road since. Their Web Site can be accessedhttp://www.condorcycles.com and there is some history at http://www.classicrendezvous.com/British/Condor_main.htm $25

CAMPAGNOLO 151mm BCD 1/8in TRACK CHAINRING with reinforcing ridge on the inside to fit 151mm BCD cranks - these are the earlier type Campag cranks dating from pre-1968. It is in almost perfect condition with no visible wear to the teeth. $35

SUPER CHAMPION GRAND TOUR REAR GEAR NOS from the 1938-40 period. This gear can be fitted to the chainstay of any lightweight/touring bike of the period and is apparently suitable for both 3-speed 1/8in freewheels and 4-speed 3/32in freewheels. $85

REGINA SL HOLLOW PIN CHAIN NOS This is seriously light - the full length weighs just 268g compared to about 340g for a standard chain. $55

DELITE REAR LIGHT for LH seatstay NOS (ie for countries that drive on the right hand side of the road - USA, Europe etc). I am not sure what battery this light is designed to take. $25

1948 CYCLING MANUAL published by the same company that published Cycling magazine. It has 129 pages of text plus over 50 pages of adverts. It offers good insight into cycling in Britain the 1940s apart from no information on road racing - Cycling magazine did not cover or support road racing at this time. The rear cover has a small tear. $25

QUALITY FRENCH RAT TRAP PEDALS NOS These are British threaded solid centre pedals. They are of very similar quality to the better Lyotard pedals. $45

1930s STYLE RUBBER GRIPS Offered for sale are a beautiful pair of tan coloured rubber grips similar to many of the Constrictor grips and ideal for use on a 1930s lightweight bicycle. $20

HURET TOUR DE FRANCE REAR DERAILLEUR NOS for a 3-speed 1/8in freewheel. These are far rarer than the equivalent Simplex TDF gear. $75

BSA WINGNUTS NOS for a 3/8in threaded rear hub axle. $25

FRENCH CAMINARGENT 10.5cm STEM Caminargent were the manufacturers of the famous Caminargent frame with clamped octagonal aluminium tubing made from about 1936 to 1950. Caminargent also made a range of excellent accessories. The clamp and expander bolt heads are beautifully stamped with the Caminargent logo. $75

CAIMI 3-SPEED FREEWHEEL NOS with English threads and 16/18/20T. $35

CAMPAGNOLO C-RECORD PEDALS from 1985-8. The aluminium rear cage plates are a little worn and there are some marks on the main body but nothing too serious. These are now very rare and are complete with the original toeclips and straps. $55

LUCAS 1ST HUNDRED YEARS 2 VOL HISTORY NOS by Harold Nockolds published in 1976 by David and Charles. There are 349pp in the first volume and 432pp in the second volume. Together they comprehensively tell the story of Lucas who were so important to both the cycle and car industries in Britain. They were the number one supplier of lights and horns for many years. This is is a rare opportunity to buy this standard work. $45

KARRIMOR SADDLEBAG 1950s The canvas is quite a bit coarser than later ones. Some of the leather edge trimming is missing but there are no holes and the straps are still fine. $40

BAYLISS WILEY LF GEAR HUBSET 1950s 32/40H large flange gear sided (for multiple speed freewheel) hubs from the middle to late 50s. The bearings feel very smooth and alloy flanges are all in excellent condition. The chrome plating on the front hub is a little worn and the plating on the rear is showing faint signs of pitting but nothing at all serious. $55

SR ROAD CHAMPION BARS 1970s/80s These are atruly beautiful pair of bars - please ask for a photograph. The centre engraved and machined section is virtually unmarked. These bars are 40cm wide and the centre diameter is 25.4mm. $30

HOLDSWORTH LA QUELDA FRAME c1947-8 23in bronze welded (fillet brazed). The frame number indicates that this is an early post WWII frame probably around 1948. Although it needs a repaint there is a lot of the original finish still showing including fabulous green and gold lining and a wonderful Œspearpoint¹ head tube. All the transfers are available and I can arrange for this frame to be refinished in the UK to the original design or can supply transfers both at extra cost. It comes complete with a Hobbs Lytalloy headset and a British bottom bracket. There is no frame damage apart from an inexplicable dent to the top of the fork crown on one side - this is shown in one of the photos. This could easily be be filled with a little braze before rechroming. This frame will look absolutely gorgeous once restored. Photographs are available. $185

MACLEANS 20in frame c.1948 This is a lovely Macleans 20in frame from the early post war years. The lugs are ŒOscar Egg¹ type, there¹s lovely gently curved rear brake bridge and the forks have a wonderful two plate crown. Period frames from the post-war years, this small, are quite rare. The paintwork is non original but the transfers are available and I can arrange for this frame to be refinished in the UK or can supply transfers both at extra cost. The frame appears to be completely straight and I could not spot any dings. Macleans were one of the first British Œlightweight¹ framebuilders setting up in business in 1919 and they continued through into the early 60s before being taken over by the Holdsworthy Company. Photographs are available. $145