[CR]Dating Old Legnanos

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From: <NortonMarg@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 23:22:27 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Dating Old Legnanos

Ed Litton has a really old Legnano frame that I would like to date (not literally as in take to the movies, it's too small for me) for the educational value of so doing. There is a model decal on the top of the downtube that has the Legnano script logo over "Gran Premio". The seat tube has two decals at the top, the upper one reads:

E---- Prodotti della S.p.A Emillio Bozzi Milano

The second: Legnano (logo script) 6 Volte Campione Del Mondo.

The seat binder mechanism has no slot in the bottom of the tube. The bolt is multi piece and wedges the seat post. The head lugs are chrome and rather long but with short points, and it has the big fancy head badge that looks like a piece of open sculpture. Serial number is EN4 198. Anyone know the history of these bikes well enough to shed some light? What year did Legnano win their 7th world championship? Thast would narrow it down
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA