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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 00:47:41 -0400
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At 4:41 PM -0400 5/30/02, H.M. & S.S. Sachs wrote:
>Sarah's Raleigh Gran Sport is really neat, but perhaps a few
>observations might be helpful:
>1) It surprises me never to have seen the model before; in 62 I was
>looking hard across the Raleigh - Schwinn - Whatever universe for a
>bike for myself. But, memory is the second thing to go...

This was a very expensive model, only a very few sporty bike shops would have stocked it. I think it sold for$90, maybe even $100!
>2) It is quintessentially Raleigh, from the wrapover seat stays to
>the riveted chainrings.

Yes, that same 46-49 crankset (and the stock pedals) were used over the years on quite a few Raleigh models, including the 10-speed version of the Chopper (though that version had shorter cranks.)
>3) Indeed, it seems more like an upgraded Gran Prix than anything
>else. It seems to be slotted with the Super Course (or was that a
>few years later, as a replacement for this model?), but with lesser
>tubes and better derailleurs.

This model was considerably before the Super Course, and was top-of-the-line for Nottingham bikes at the time.
>4) As with the Sears Ted Williams Sport Racing of the same vintage
>I recently bought, at least one wheel seems to have its spokes
>inserted backwards, with spoke bend against the unbeveled side of
>the hole... Should we keep it original, or ride it? :-)
>5) Looks like the famous hold-over Raleigh narrow rear slots
>designed for Sturmey hubs. Why they found it easier to put flats on
>axles than stamp out new ends has always puzzled me...

Flats on the axles keep the axle from rotating as you tighten the axle nuts. Rotating axles on many hubs can cause the cone adjustment to be disturbed, unless the locknuts are quite tight.

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