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Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 15:19:46 -0400
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Actually, I was not justifying the "borrowing" the logo, but instead saying that Campy, like VW stands to gain much from licensing quality vintage aftermarket parts. I completely understand that the brand identity is diluted when unlicensed manufacturers use the logo, but they could have prevented this by supporting collectors or providing parts to begin with. In other words, the gum-hood maker is not necessarily right in doing what he did, but Campagnolo certainly isn't helping themselves by refusing to fill a need for a specific vintage part either.

>>BTW, why would anyone want to drive a VW when they could be ridding a Super Corsa? - I drive my bugs for the same reason I ride my bikes- they have quite a bit of "classic" character ;) Besides, I have a fondness for things made in 1972 (like me).

Jeremiah Deneski Dayton

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Bob Atwood Mesa, AZ wrote-
>> "Replacement" gum hood are available, just not ones with the Campy logo. The part you
>>purchase for your antique VW is probably not VW "branded" but an aftermarket item.

FYI, there are many aftermarket parts bearing the VW and Wolfsburg crests. Almost all are not made by VW. I know for a fact that providing these parts even 30 years after the demise of the model has kept a certain amount of "brand loyalty" among VW owners, and would probably help Campganolo more than hurt them.

Jeremiah "Now, how do I carry my '72 Super Corsa on the back of my '72 beetle?" Deneski Dayton, Ohio

I guess I must be missing some big point with respect to this issue. The Campy logo belongs to that company. They may not have even manufactured the hoods to begin with but they have a right to control who uses their logo and for what purpose.

I am not an authority on VW parts, but I suspect that if they have a VW trademark on them they are produced under license from VW. If one of these parts failed and you contacted VW and they said "Yeah, it's our logo but we never authorized it and we don't know anything about it." Would you just shrug and say "I got cheated, too bad."? I am not suggesting that Campy should not work with collectors, but that just because someone collects Campagnolo products they do not have the right to begin manufacturing and selling them.

The big unanswered question is why no one apparently even bothered to give Campy the opportunity to refuse. Instead, someone is making and marketing a product with the Campy logo without even asking permission. Is this just so collectors can have the rare part? It doesn't cost $49 each to make these. No one would pay $49 for them if they didn't sport the Campy logo.

One of the postings to the list indicates that Campy may have licensed someone to replicate these hoods. Suppose you had paid money for this license and invested in production only to discover that someone else was also making them -- illegally?

BTW, why would anyone want to drive a VW when they could be ridding a Super Corsa?