Re: Debunking time again (Re: [CR]1962 Raleigh Gran Sport)

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 20:18:55 EDT
Subject: Re: Debunking time again (Re: [CR]1962 Raleigh Gran Sport)

Mike- Back on 5/16/02 you told us about your short morning jaunt of 50 miles in the mountains with an elevation change of 4000ft. I guess I am just surprised that someone like you hasn't taken over lead on the USPostal/Trek team, but instead you bought three different custom built Waterfords just to try and test different tube specs!! Unbelievable, some people just seem to have all the fun! Dave--put in saddle time on a 3-SP english racer--Anderson Cut Bank MT

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> This is total BS! Subtle tube variations make a huge difference - just
> switch a Columbus downtube and chainstays from SL to SP and the ride really
> is altered. Similarly, last year we were playing with Waterford 2200's and
> we had three made with different tube specs. The first variation was two
> bikes each identical except for a heavier spec downtube. The difference
> there was not perceptible - perhaps because the heavy and light tubes, if
> each tube varied in in their tolerance limits, they could be virtually
> identical in gauge. A bad test. Then we did heavier downtube AND chainstays
> and BAM! - the bike had a much stiffer rear end - so stiff in fact that the
> bike was not, in my opinion, nearly as pleasant as the stock chainstay
> model. Ideally we'd have gone to an "in-between" gauge chainstay and split
> the difference.
> Many people can't tell the difference between a tube that is too heavy and
> one that is too light - spring helps a bike accelerate - but so does
> stiffness perhaps - confused? Yes - it is confusing. Its all about the
> right balance for each rider. Need spring but not too much.
> Mike Kone in Boulder CO