[CR]need help on dating and verifying some odd parts

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Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 20:59:18 -0400
From: "ben kamen" <ko_te_jebe@mac.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]need help on dating and verifying some odd parts


im trying to distinguish what year and corrct name for a few parts i have recently acquired and would apprciate if any of you could enlightem me or provide some assistance or info. ive tried looking around but haven't really had any good clues in guessing the production years and correct model names as each is slightly different than what i have seen on some sites. i would appreciate a little hand.

1) the first is a what appears to be nuovo record seat post. indeed it does have the script "world" logo stamping on the front. 180mm length and no insertion markings but it differs from another model i recently had in that;

-the "patent campagnolo" stamp on the back is slightly smaller -the loose lower clamps (cradles?) on the sides are both forged "campagnolo" -both upper and lower clamps (cradles?)clamps are narrow for an older brooks rail style. -the box differs in that it has images or line art of the seatpost image on the sides, no world logo on top but has the world champion rings not across but as hoops on the ends of the box and after the writng "vicenza (italy)" it follows with " - corso padova, 168". i know padova is close by.

is it an early series nuovo record - any dates?

2) rear "cambio nuovo record" in world logo beige box. it has "patent-74" stamped on the top close to the mounting bolt and also has what appears like a blue leather shroud or washer sitting inside where the bolt would mount to the drop out. ive seen mention of patent '71 and such does this refer to the date manufactured or suggest it is a later series or are the numbers arbitrary and have another sequence?

3) an older brooks B17 (date?) that has "campagnolo model" stamped or embossed in an oval on the rear/back portion. the sides are both embossed "BROOKS competition standard B 17" it has black rails and the rear plate/frame is stamped "pat no. 662070 made in england b 61". does the "b 61" mean it is from 1961? does the campagnolo stamp indicate that it was made for an italian market bicycle or say for an english bicycle equipped with with campagnolo componentry? is this an unusual stamp for the era?

4) brooks B72. it has chrome rails and a textured top and sides and small silver rivets. no stampings on the rear frame - How would i guess its vintage? How long have they been in production and any pics with the english 3 speeds that they were OEM for?

5) last but for me most fascinating is a saddle that is made in japan - on both sides it is embossed in gold " professional - SEAMLESS - super soft - Y.F.C". its shape is more akin to something between a turbo or a unicantor and its 2 chrome rails join to an expander or tension bolt at the front. the cover(?) is somewhere between velvet and suede in texture and has almost like a marble pattern of tan and fawn/light brown contrasting design/pattern. the base/underside is moulded plastic and bears the mark in a triangle with a saddle at the top and the words "fujita" underneath. above that is some symbol that i cant explain with the # 7379 below it. it also has made in japan and "pat. 721270, d.pat.172807, d.pat. 202430". i know very little and have never seen a saddle of this apparent quality from japan. any info or places to look? i am very taken by it.

when possible i will have taken some images of the items but unfortunately i have to borrow a camera to do so. glad for any ideas or help on or off list.


ben "learning fast" kamen