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Walter Skrzypek wrote:
>Being that most listees are into classics, I know there has to be someone
>out there who can provide me with some info on this...
>I got my hands on a really clean and in good shape. 26 inch Raleigh Sport, 3
>speed sturney archer, bicycle. Brooks B 72 saddle, nice saddle bag, all the
>fender quite spotless and intact! Mixte frameset.

If it's a Mixte, it can't be a Raleigh Sports; perhaps it's a lady's model?

Mixtes have double "top tubes" side by side, turning into a third pair of rear stays. English mixtes are very uncommon--that's a French design.
>If anyone is fluent in
>your balloon tired bikes and can provide me with any info. Please let me
>know, email me offlist as this is old but not a lightweight.

Huh? Raleigh Sportses are technically lightweights, and do not have balloon tires.

I have great deal of material on these bikes indexed at

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