Re: [CR]Campagnolo - The Italian Bully.....should we worry?

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From: <>
Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 15:21:36 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Campagnolo - The Italian Bully.....should we worry?

Fred- I hear you. I would only add that the Retro-Velo people has been making repro campy catalogs for years and no one from campy has ever objected to that. Should we be worried about this as well? Cheers, Dave Anderson Cut Bank MT

In a message dated 5/2/02 8:52:00 PM PST, writes:
> > ..."So, I hear you are selling COUNTERFEIT gum
> > hoods." he says...
> Are they entirely against the manufacture of the hoods
> or do they simply object to the use of the Campagnolo
> name and insignia? I believe this is what allows them
> to justify the claim that the hoods are counterfeits.
> Obviously, it's not quite the same but what if someone
> were to manufacture replacement hoods that were identical
> in every way except that they used some sort of retro
> appearing pattern instead of the logos? Hasn't that sort
> of thing always been available?
> I suspect that Campy's concern is that their name and
> insignias will pass into the public domain if they aren't
> careful. But it is puzzling that they refuse to produce
> these parts. I wonder if the molds still exist at this
> point. After all, I'm sure the hoods aren't really
> manufactured by Campy - they're contracted out. Sometimes
> it is a cruel world.
> Regards,
> Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia