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Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 11:24:31 -0400

Actually, Charly Gaul won the stage by 7 minutes.

In the first mountain stage (stage 13) the top riders finished together. Raphaël Géminiani lead GC by 3 seconds over Vito Favero.

Federico Bahamontes won mountainous stage 14 by 1'58" over Favero, who now lead Géminiani by 27".

André Darrigade won mountain stage 15, with Favero again second, so he now lead Gem by 57".

Gaul finally got up to the leader board by winning he mountainous stage 18 time trial up Mt. Ventoux. Raphaël Géminiani now lead Favero by, 2'01", with Gaul at 3'43.

Gaul fell back again on stage 19, won by Gaston Nencini. Raphaël Géminiani now lead Favero by 3'17" with Anquetil 3rd at 7'57".

Federico Bahamontes won mountain stage 20, beating Nencini by 2'02", Anquetil by 3'51", Geminiani by3'56", and Gaul by 4'17", with Favero at 4'26".

Charly Gaul moved back into 3rd by winning mountain stage 21 by 7'50" over Adriaensens, with Favero 3rd at 10'09", Geminiani 7th at 14'35", and Nencini 9th at 19'01". Standings were now 1st Vito Favero, 2nd Géminiani at 39", 3rd Gaul at 1'07.

Gaul won again on stage 23, the 74km TT from Besançon to Dijon, beating Nencini by 48", with Gem at 3'03", Favero at 3'17". He now lead the G.C. from Favero at 3'10", and Géminiani at 3'41", and that's the way the Tour finished the next day.

Aldo Ross
Monroe, Ohio

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From: Jim McCoin

the mention of Charly Gauls name brought back memories of the 60's for me . I remember reading an article about the ' 58 tour , which Charly won , he had dropped the other big names Bobet , Geminiani and Anquetil on one of the toughest climbs in the tour . He won the stage by over 15 minutes in freezing rain . After the finish he went to a bar to warm up and get a warm drink , of course the press followed him in , one of the reporters had been looking at his bike outside and questioned him about it " Charly your bike has steel cranks and steel brakes , Bobet and the others all have alloy cranks , how about it ?" Charly's reply was " that's the bike they pay me to ride" Jim ( getting nostalgic ) McCoin Fremont Ca.