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Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 09:44:49 -0500
Subject: [CR]Vintage Cycling Club of KAnsas City

Greetings cr folks. just a note to tell you about the VCCofKC and find out if any of you have knowledge of kansas city bicycling history.One of the purposes of the Vintage Cycling Club of Kansas City is to promote and encourage the appreciation of vintage and antique bicycles and share each participants knowledge of the history of the bicycle. Though certainly not limited to, we are particularly interested in the history of bicycles in the Kansas City area. We do know that there was at least one cycling club in the late 1800's known as the Kansas City Cycling Club. There may have also been a wheelmen club though i have not found mention of it before the 1920's. There was also at least three companies that manufactured bicycles before 1900 in Kansas City, including the Kansas City Bicycle Company, located at 1027 Broadway, the Aladdin Cycle Company and the Welch-Hutchison Cycle Company. Any information, written or visual documentation or knowledge of existing materials or bicycles from these companies and/or clubs would be greatly appreciated. Any materials and information shared will be put together for the general veiwing of all through the vccofkc webpage. The vccofkc can be reached at info@vintagebicyclekc.com.
sarah gibson
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