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Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 21:56:05 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]Chater-Lea history
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Chater-Lea was going from far earlier than 1928 - I would have to check the exact date but it it would be the 1870s/80s. They moved from London to Letchworth in 1928. It was after this move that they concentrated on lightweight cycle components. They finally closed about 1988/9 though in their last 20 years mainly made parts for the motor industry.

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Chrales Kramer wrote:
> I have no particular reason to learn about Chater-Lea --- I don't think I've
> even ever seen a Chater-Lea part --- but industrial history interests me.
> Perhaps because of the company's short history (1928 to.... maybe
> 1950-something?) there's very little information about teh company out there.
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> The same year the Westinghouse Morse Chain Company was established and
> Chater-Lea started in 1928. Much of the workforce for Letchworth's industries
> came not from Letchworth itself where accommodation became too expensive, but
> from the surrounding villages. Transport to and from work was often by
> bicycle.
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> Subject: ***Velo-Retro Vint. Bike Catalogs***
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> Date: 2001-01-18 00:18:09 PST
> Chater-Lea Cycles & Tandems Catalog 1928 -- 16 pages, charming pen
> drawings of this English manufacturer of
> high quality cycle parts and bikes. B&W cover. $5
> Chater-Lea Catalog 1931 -- 22 pages, shows lugs, cranks, pedals,
> headsets, hubs for cycles, tandems and carrier
> tricycles from this famous English company. B&W cover. $5
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> And of course this....
> which perhaps should be amended to show the start date as 1928 (not 1930).