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From: Douglas R. Brooks <dbrk@troi.cc.rochester.edu>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org (Classic Rendevous)
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 08:32:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [CR]new pics: Mariposa 650B

Classicists, I have been moved by the comments and expressions of grief by List members regarding Mike Richardson. Words can convey only a portion of our feelings. May peace embrace Mike in eternity.

I took a brief turnaround trip yesterday to Toronto. It was wonderful of Mike Barry to basically squander his whole afternoon to smooze with me. He is a gracious man whose good nature is matched by his skill, experience, and brilliance in cycle building and history. It was great to see Larry Strung and to meet Mark Hukezele whose collection of classic bikes is, well, classic! Great folks all. I saw a handful of Mariposas in various states of build and paint, all wonderful to see "naked", especially the details on the carriers, the careful welds, the wise and efficient and just plain correct designs. (Much of what is below are comments edited from a similar note to the iBOB.)

So, this morning I took a slew of new pictures of the 650B Mariposa cyclotourer, mostly of details. The genius of this bike is in the details. The lugs are modified Riv Papilo but it's in the carriers and how they are fastened, how the rear fender stays are welded at the back, the way the mysterious Simplex demultiplicator has its own braze-on along with the placement of the pump, the front lamp's attachment and internal wiring...and then the finishing with the leather wrap on the bars. Mike Barry understands the vision of a _whole_ bicycle and the way its practical uses meet aestheics. True, I opted for the ultra-traditionalist cyclotourer when goodpal Larry Strung went for essentially the same bike with 26" wheels/Ergo/modernthings that work but there is no disadvantage to my choices in performance (only in hassles for tires, etc.). I rode it for about 30 minutes yesterday and it was _beautiful_, just perfect---and it may be the best shifting bike I have ever had, bar none: Simplex barends, 5500 rear and front, TA triple crank and...the demultiplicator doing it's weird little magic. Parts run down: Frame 62cm c-t/57.5cm c-c tt, no idea of the tubing, don't care, rear spacing is 126mm crank: TA Cyclotouriste 50-40-26 fw: Sachs 13-26 7spd rd: Simplex 5500 long cage fd: Simplex SLJ with demultiplicator (see the photos!! lots of details!) pedals: Campagnolo SL clip: Alpi straps: Binda black with Campag buttons shifters: Simplex bar end pillar: Campagnolo NR saddle: Brooks B17 bars: Nitto Randonneur stem: TTT Synthesis 10cm rims: Super Champion 650B 36h hubs: Maxicar (spokes is spokes...these are straight gauge with brass nips) hs: Dahon brakes: Mafac Competition centerpulls brake levers: Mafac with gumhoods carriers: custom Mariposa lighting: Lightspin generator/Lumotec front lamp/ rear is Mike's choice

The photos center on the details of the carriers, demultiplicator, little things. Look here if you are curious: http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/dvicakrababa/lst?.dir=/Mariposa+650B&.src=ph&.view=

There are two Mariposa albums, the other is the tiny 48cm Mariposa tourer. What a pleasure to spend time with Mike Barry. A great guy, wise and thoughtful, easy going and uncompromising for the details of great bikes. And the bikes in his shop are breathtaking---at least one from every decade in near perfect shape from 1890 to recent classics. Amazing. This one is really, really special.

Douglas Brooks
Canandaigua, NY