Re: [CR]Riding bikes -- Old vs. New + Cirque Observation

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Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 14:40:47 -0400
From: "Daniel Artley" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Riding bikes -- Old vs. New + Cirque Observation

I've been riding my Richard Sachs tourer for almost 24 years. I'd like to find another bike to allow myself to give the Sachs a little rest, not necessarily stop riding it. Its still my primary ride and those parts are getting a bit harder to find now and pretty expensive. I find myself getting parts before I need them and hoarding them. The only problem is I just can't seem to find a bike that rides or handles nearly as nice!

That's why I could't take off the modern saddle when it was displayed at the Cirque. I was surprised at the attention it and my old beat up '71 Colnago got at the bike show that weekend (I still don't think its a '74, Brian, but I will look into it a little more). I'd just taken my slightly bent, rusty Colnago to show Richard and Brian the frame to see about straightening, repainting and decals and Marty ended up entering the bike into the show. Everyone was so enthusiastic about all the old classics to see. Dale just did a super job of organizing such an amazing event. From the moment Marty Walsh and I arrived at the shop on Friday, to see Richard Sachs just hangin' out, to watching Brian Baylis unwrapping those frames of his, especially the one he'd thrown everything but the kitchen sink into, twisty hellenic stays, brazed on brake centerbolts, amazing lugwork and awesome paint. And all those bikes that Dale had upstairs in the shop and out at his workshop-all those frames-Wow!

I had a ball having dinner with all the participants, chatting it up with Hilary stone and son, Ray Atherton, Peter Paine, Alan Schaeffer & son, and too many others to mention and immersing myself in all the cool bike talk and trivia. What a learning experience! I ended up buying a really cool Jack Taylor fixed gear, curved seat tube frame from Ray by the end of the show. There were awesome deals to be had that day.

Saturday's seminar was an experience starting with Hilary's history of the lightweight bicycle in the UK, a subject that really needed even more time than was taken. Richard's 30th anniversary frame was a gorgeous trip down memory lane, minimalist perfection, a bike that could have been right out of 1972. Love that robin's egg blue, just like that paramount of that period I'd always wanted to own.

Speaking of bike's that won't get ridden, John Barron had two Cinelli's that were to me back in 1970 the absolute apex of Italian racing bikes, both 1966 road and track and both as perfect or better than out of the box. And in my size! (you might be able to tell what I'd do with them!)

When it was all over, I told myelf I couldn't afford to come to this thing again. Its too tempting. But boy, was it fun. I'll probably be back. Where else can I have such a classic experience?

I really am sorry to hear about Mike. I do wish that something might have been able to be done to prevent the tragedy. My thoughts are with his family.

Dan Artley
Parkton Maryland