[CR]ebay items - coloral, brooks , NRecord post

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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 04:39:16 -0400
From: "ben kamen" <ko_te_jebe@mac.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]ebay items - coloral, brooks , NRecord post

hello all,

few more goodies that i have listed. i have broken my vow of NOS only as the brooks is used (but special), the coloral i am not sure if its new or used but alas the nuovo record post is new and in box.

Coloral - blue anodised caged for stem/bar mount and plastic bottle.both nice but sans lid or bolts/mounting hardware - not the end of the world but still a nice set. listing a few more later models soon.

Brooks B17 competetion standard "campagnolo model" - could be junk or could be a treasure. looks like it hardly had any road miles at all but also was found under a pile of other saddles. NARROW and LONG rails of course. "B61" - 1961. one rail indeed needs to be bent back in to line a little. otherwise the leather is still in good condtion and has no signature from another riders privates.

Nuovo Record seat post - Narrow clamp model to match the above saddle. NOS and IN BOX. 27.0mm and an early series longer post. very interesting box that im sure campy-sniffers would appreciate - artwork!! also has stamped "campagnolo" on the lower cradles - very smart, very interesting.

all are offered at $1 and of course with no reserve. listing more hard to finds over the w/end. to see the items i offer

http://ebay.com/<blah> pe&include=0&since=-1&sort=3&rows=25

or search under my ebay id = BIGDUPE

oh, before i forget one of the list members questioned whether the NR derailleur actually was a patent-74 as i listed here a few days ago....well... http://idisk.mac.com/dupe/Public//nr/patent-74.jpg

i will add this new pic to the auction.

and lastly

from someone who i sometimes buy i off i have found out that she has some new old stock brake levers by shimano. gum hoods and ornate style levers with holes/cutouts. all is perfect and rubber is supple and bright.

5 x pairs of dura-ace, and 2 x pairs of 600. she is planning to list them on ebay on saturday as she doesn't have time to field emails and such. if anyone is interested in buying the lot at $25 per pair + shipping email me for pics and info and i can put you in touch with her. she is a trustworthy person and im just a gobetween who she offered it to before listing. i mentioned that "it wasn't my bag baby" but i would ask around for her. so this "buy" is only for friday and an all or nothing deal (ie $175 + shipping). the buyer will deal with the seller direct. it wasn't big enough a "lot" for rivendell to list in their catalogue so i ask you folks here as i dread the day we have to sit thru repro shimano brake hood debates.......



ben kamen, NYC