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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:24:16 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]using classic bicycles

Karen, When you get a chance, send me that link on "How to attract the opposite sex."

Thanks Walt "shameless" Skrzypek Fall Creek, Pa

P.S. sorry Dale, had to do it.

On Fri, 10 May 2002 10:46:22 -0400 Karen Schuckman <> wrote:

Anyone and everyone writes and responds: <Why are 70's bikes useless in a modern racing environment?>

Being brand new to the list, and having only the one initiation experience of Cirque 2002 on my report card, I hesitate before throwing my two cents into any discussion. But the whole "new vs. old" technology debate struck a bit of a chord with me. I was a gymnast (US National Team 1971-1972) before anyone in the public even knew what gymnastics was. We tumbled on wooden gym floors, used uneven bars that jumped off the floor if you worked up any real swing and hopped around on hard wooden balance beams that were pretty unforgiving if you when you fell on ("on" was often far worse than "off") them, even if you were 15 years old and weighed 100 pounds.

In today's world of gymnastics, the equipment bears no technical resemblance whatsoever to that of the 70's and before. If I had it to over again, would I prefer to work on the new equipment? You bet! Why not jump higher, fly farther and flip faster if the technology allows it? But the artistry of the performance is still all about the individual - what they have to say and how they say it, how much they love what they are doing and how they choose to express it. It's not about the equipment. So each to his own - it's not about which technology is better, or about who is right or wrong. It's about what each person makes of it through his or her own particular passion. Decide what you like, what you want to be and then figure out how to get there from here. Of course, I understand that we all know this and the debate is half the fun.

Meanwhile, as I write this, I have gotten three emails advising me how to "Attract The Opposite Sex Instantly!" and "Borrow Money For Free". You know the deal. The insanity is "out there", not here in the list. Carry on, oh ye bike-freaks and lunatics!

Karen Schuckman
Greensboro, NC