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From: <B2Barnard@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 17:10:15 EDT
To: richardsachs@juno.com
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Subject: [CR]Re: Using classic bicycles

In a message dated 5/10/2002 1:35:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time, richardsachs@juno.com writes:

> answers to the questons below:
> 1) i like my performance data.
> 2) i like my performance data 100X as much.
> admission:
> i erred.
> the old bicycles are better and actually
> more efficient than the new ones. no matter
> what the circumstances, results will improve
> if older parts are used in place of modern
> parts. what was thinking?
> i lost my head.
> sorry.
> shamed...

Probably not shamed .. you seem oddly now, and especially having had to put up with your often irrelevant piss-ant rambling over the months of trying to seriously participate in the CV list, sort of insignificant and not smart enough to be shamed.

Maybe this immature attitude, if it extends past your personal clown like insecurities to the rest of the bicycle industry, may be why there is so much sadness in the bicycle industry -- 800 new bicycle businesses end every year and 600 startups each year -- or some significantly sad such NBDA business statistic so I am told.

I find much of what happens on the list useful, Brain Bayless, Jim Cunningham , etc., but I guess in the land of the free we must put up with insulting arrogant people who are legends in their own mind like "e-Richie." Of course if your from another part of the world than the USA -- at least there is one part of this encounter that turns out well.

The facts are, though you ay not understand the word "fact," that there is little beneficially new in bicycles -- a short trip through "Dancing Chain" shows that and a serious discussion of the subject of what really is bought by customers and the ways to measure these could help the bicycle industry -- course that might force you to mature.

Hey try Prozac -- it may help you in the meantime sit at a Bar somewhere but do not take me on with your insulting tone.


Bill Barnard Still sunny even with "e-Richie" in Castro Valley, CA