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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 18:10:01 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Using classic bicycles
From: Mark A. Perkins <>


I usually try to avoid sending messages agreeing to other peoples comments, but this one I have to take sides in favor of.

I have found that there a few people on this list, people who are refered to as highly skilled, knowledgable, and helpful, and many other things positive, who will not, for what reason(s) I do not know, respond to any of my inquiries. One, in the UK, touted as knowing about components which came before my involvement with bicycles, would not respond to a simple question (submitted more than once) regarding my mid-'50's BSA Gold Column track bike's front wheel and hub. Another, known for his skill and knowledge of certain Italian bicycles, and part of the current custom bicycle industry, has so far not responded to my inquiries regarding restoration of my Masi. I don't get it, my money is as good as the next guys, and I work harder than most to earn it. So why won't you answer my many emails? I don't recall stepping on your toes, so to speak, and haven't a clue why you don't respond. If I didn't want to do business with someone, at least I would have the common courtesy to tell the person I didn't want his business. I think you both know who you are, and if this is the way you treat people who have similar interrests to your own, and who could use your help enough to come out and ask for it, I shudder to think how you treat others who don't.

In my many years of involvement with the bicycle industry, I have met quite a few people who seem to think they are really good at what they do in the industry, when in reality it's all a bunch of crap to cover up their insecurities, or lack of knowledge, skills, or whatever. I tend to steer away from that kind of person, and I also tend to recommend that other people do the same. People tend to remember how, and where, they were treated poorly, and usually go elsewhere with their business. There is a LBS owner here in Fresno who has a way of telling his customers what he thinks will sell a bike or component, but not always the truth. He once told one of his (and mine too) customers that he taught me everything I know about bicycles. The truth was and is, that I never worked a single day in my life with this idiot. The reason he has a shop and I don't is simple. He comes from a family with money, and I didn't.

Enough said. I too, follow this list in hopes that I can glean a little bit more knowledge, and/or share some of my knowledge with others, and I get really tired of reading peoples unrelated messages every day just to find the few that contain information that will help me learn more. The bicycle has become a major part of my life, that's why my friends tagged me with the nickname "Bicycle Mark", and I won't stay away because of a few inconsiderate, selfish, and discourteous individuals.

Cheers to all,

"Bicycle Mark" (going to do another mountainous 100-miles tomorrow) Perkins Fresno Cycling Club - Historian Fresno, California, U.S.A.

On Fri, 10 May 2002 19:49:03 -0400 "Wspokes" <> writes:
> Time Out everyone...I don't take sides but just because of one post doesn't
> allow anyone to pass judgement on someone else suggesting they leave.
> Difference of opinions is what drives the market and cycling in general. The
> same as competetion drives competitors to often try to put the best product
> forward. Let us also understand that from being on the list several years. I
> may understand e-Richie to be anything but arrogant and his humor in his
> posts! But also remember the age old warning when emailing anyone. Sarcasm
> and jokes often get taken the wrong way...a fine line of seperation that in
> person, one may catch on quickly but in an email. It often goes overlooked.
> Especially when you have two people who are basically strangers. Now I don't
> dare guess whether comments are meant to be serious or not and I really
> don't care. But let us allow this one to drop and enjoy some classic
> conversation. old mixed with new can make a good combination....e-Richie the
> list veteran while Bill comes across a little newer. I am sure that there is
> much to be learned from both if we just drop the defensive positions and try
> to be a little more receptive. Not directed at anyone in particular, please
> don't backlash me with emails.
> Peace and out
> Walt
> Falls Creek, Pa
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> > You are on the wrong list, pal, and I suggest you leave.
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