Re: [CR]snubbed by the experts, decal sales

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Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 12:28:41 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]snubbed by the experts, decal sales

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<< He e-mailed around, and he called around only to find that no decal supplier would supply a decal without conditions. They obviously had the decal but would not part with one. Why? I call it the "I have got mine" syndrome. These people had the decals, but would not part with them unless my friend refinished the entire frame. How about $500 for a decal? It is always their choice as sellers, but it sets a tone for the CR community that, in my humble opinion...stinks. >>

Hmmm. I see we are all not on the same page here.. (Surprise!)

Re: Mark's gripe that folks had not answered him ("snubbed"?)... I didn't see his messages to whoever it was but I would like to before passing any judgement. Some of us get a humongous number of e-mails and are able to answer just a portion. If Mark's question to these guys was very specific and to the point, I think most folks would have happily answered it. If it called for theoretic solutions or involved dialogue, that answer/response might have been "tabled" till they had time to answer. I do that all the time.. I receive an e-mail and I save it till I have the time to answer properly. Sometimes it slips through the cracks and I never answer. If I don't know the answer, it also gets stalled out... Also, and this is a tough one, we have to remember that our unsolicited mail questions are not entitled to a quick response from folks. Some folks do not e-mail as readily as others. Some folks don't read their e-mails 5 times a day like I do!! Some look at it once a week!

Re: the selling of decals. This is kinda like someone asking your sister for a date! Just because I have a sister,m you are not automatically invited to go out with her! In my case, I have stashed away a little collection of decals myself. If I have a surplus (which is an undefined concept) I might pass them along to someone else. Some I have had for 20 years or more. Let's do a "for instance": Now some guy e-mails me looking for a set of Torpado decals .. I do not know him.. he just joined the CR list but I never had any dealings with him.. He was not at the Cirque or Lars or the Velo Rendezvous... I have three sets left. No more exist in the world at least that I have a chance at.. I also make my living at bike stuff and do repaints. Do I save those decals for proven friends? Do I save then for a repaint order that contributes more to the CDO rent than the measly $25-40 bucks a set of decals would bring? If I sell the decals them that paint order cannot be filled, the person would go to CyclArt who can make their own decals. So what is fair here? Is that person being fair in griping about me not contributing to the CR community?

I think all these questions have two sides..............

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