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Subject: [CR]my memories...
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 13:12:37 -0400

----- Original Message ----- From: JohnT.Pergolizzi To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org> Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 @11AM Subject: [CR]my memories... Hey boys and girls, Its time I got some of this down for posterity.Begin at the begining. My highlites: Left Manhattan @ 2:00 on Thurs. p.m. for the 3:40p.m. out of Newark for Greensboro. Took off at 11:30 P.M.! Tornado watch and thunderstorms. Greensboro at 1:00a.m. My black lincoln towncar pulls up to the Battleground and the unmistakable profile of the R. B.Baylis rumplesiltskin rearend is silhouetted against the Chumly's sign on the other side of the tracks.Quick greetings,get room, drop bags and bike(84 J.P Weigle N.Y show w/c-record prototype equip.(Yes Lou,we'll talk)). dash across tracks and its beer time. Smokey,a little seedy; felt like high school. 2:30am close the place down.Good work gents. Stagger out the room @8:30am and I'm greeted by the alien (doughnut). Introductions from this and that side of the pond (Hi Ray)are broken by quick bites of gratis Battleground breakfast and gulps of coffee. Get ready for 10:00am 40 miler w/Cris Kavale(King of form),Johnny Barron on a CK track (w/only @ a 60 in. gear),Mr.smooth C.Schmidt, Larry O.,and Mike Self. What an absolute joy; the rolling hills of N.C.! Improv swap in the Barron/Kvale room proved fruitfull, although I think the cinelli 66-42 bars I snagged from Chris fri.am was the 1st buy of the Cirque. On to the shop and oh what a shop it is! I've been around and this is class and all of it high. And theres Dale. Greeted me like an old friend. Only spoken on the phone once. I'm home. Meet Karen;"new"rider,ex gymnast.A gracious and generous hostess,a genuine good person.More food. Sat am rain means IHOP. Big BoyFat Bastard breakfast for me after musical tables.More bike shop. Jan and Peter,hugs. Brian RED. Bike shop attic is THE "in" spot.And then the symposium. Ritchie; stand-up comic. More food. Sun am lite B.G. inn breakfast followed by a wonderfull leisurely roll to the rec. ctr.Get to the swap early.Must score.Best stuff: wool sergal and cool gear tights and cool gear winter shoes (if I can ever loose the moldy smell).Meet BIG Ralph Carnavale. Worked on a silver cinelli track bike.Saw Sam F. Blinked. It was over. Time to cleanup and help load the trailer for Dale.Outback steak house tonite. Ihop again on Mon.am.Back to shop to pack bikes w/Brian , Mikie Kone,and Matt G. Band of Brothers.I can still hear the sound of that packing tape. Mexican lunch w/ Dale, Mike,Brian, et al., and some new psychiatrist guy who we all conclude would have a much fuller life with a steel bike(built by who?) Airport.N.Y. 11 pm. Was it all just a dream? I'll be back! I can't begin to thank Dale enough for his vision and effort.My deepest sympathy for Mr. Richardson and his family. To all of the cr list, .come to The Cirque.I want to meet youse all. Do not make an effort, don't think about it, JUST COME. ciao, JohnT.Pergolizzi

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