[CR]What Happened to that Falcon

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Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 11:44:15 -0400
Thread-Topic: What Happened to that Falcon
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From: "Kahrl, Michael" <Michael.Kahrl@cardinal.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]What Happened to that Falcon

Like a few others I was following that Falcon on Ebay at the start of the month and it looked just like the Falcon I'd been searching for. A Falcon was my first lightweight bike and had taken me all over central Ohio in the early seventies, Philadelphia in the late seventies, and in the early eighties, wherever the U.S.Navy sent me. I even went so far as to mention it to my wife; who would have to authorize and allocate the space required to keep another bike.

As a novice to eBay, I didn't intend to bid until towards the end of the bidding period since this seemed to be when the action took place. The next day the bike was gone without any bids having been made. I called my wife, who has considerably more eBay savvy; and she explained what probably happened. I emailed the seller and he confirmed that someone local had come by and bought the bike.

Greg Parker was close when he speculated that a CR list member had bought it but the member could not confess because his wife was hiding it from him in her daughter's garage until his birthday! Last night I walked into the living room and there it was.

I apologize to any list members that may have been vying for the Falcon. There is not a lot that can stand in my wife's way when she's determined. I know firsthand. I should have the bike out on the road by tomorrow!

Michael Kahrl
Columbus, Ohio