RE: [CR]vintage bikes most desired

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Subject: RE: [CR]vintage bikes most desired
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 19:43:03 -0400
Thread-Topic: [CR]vintage bikes most desired
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From: "Bingham, Wayne R." <>
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Couldn't resist this one (except it would be easy to say "one of everything, please").

Already have my Stan Pike, which is the prize of my collection. (Did I mention that, as displayed at Cirque, the Pike weighs 20.5 lbs.)

Order is unimportant:

Baylis (who wouldn't?) Bohemian (actually sort of in the works) Sachs (have one, but seriously lusting after an earlier one) early De Rosa (under appreciated masterpiece) early CA Masi GC (have a '76 Italian Prestige, want to compare them side-by-side, ride-to-ride) Chris Kvale (thanks Chris, for adding yet another one to lust after!) Merckx Molteni (okay, they're just look so cool, even a replica will do, to go with my signed jersey) Dale Brown (shameless pandering)

Now forcefully restraining myself from going on.

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church