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Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 10:09:31 -0700
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>Campagnolo did make BMX parts for a while , I have no idea how they
>held up to the pounding . Anybody know why they stopped , too
>expensive , not enough sales ?.
>The few I saw were anodized blue , I thought they would look nice on
>a track bike .

dunno how well they held up to the pounding of bmx riding, but they do look snazzy on a cinelli bmx bike :) just make sure to get the nice copper regina copper-plated bmx chain to go with... :)

ive only ever seen cranks/hubs/pedals - anodized blue or gold... the cranks are single-chainring, 144mm bcd, and labelled "strada"...

the cranks were/are *very* popular with messengers for use on fixed gears, simply because there was a glut of them in the bay area for some reason a while back (and i still see them regularly) - they seemed to show up quite a bit more regularly than campy track cranks.

they hold up pretty well - the pair i put a crack in a couple months ago had been on my work bike for 4 years - roughly about 60k miles worth - including some good tours in the alps, and chasing the entire tour de suisse last year (some hefty climbing). id say thats holding up fairly well, though quite a bit different than bmx use...

as a nod to the campy cranks breaking thread - they cracked at the spider/arm junction, after having been initially stress-releived there... got 3 months riding out of them though, before the crack got bigger than i was willing to continue tempting fate with :) but now i have some insight into the time it takes cracks in cranks to grow! about 4k miles for a crack to grow from 3mm to 1/3 of the way through the arm on the diagonal...


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