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Subject: Re: [CR]New group for GB and French bike fans
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 18:22:39 -0500

What about Wogs, Frogs & Bulldogs?

Couldn't resist.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Suggested group name: "FRANGLO" CC (cycling club)


Scott --- Scott Goldstein Los Angeles Saturday, 05/18/2002 3:59:19 PM Pacific time

On Sat, 18 May 2002 23:43:00 +0100, brucerobbins wrote:
>Bob Reid and I have decided to start a group for enthusiasts of
>British and French bikes and components in an effort to create an
>line resource that would bring together as much information and
>literature as possible.
>Although there are a significant number of "us", the list is
>dominated by fans of Italian bikes and parts. There's nothing wrong
>at all with that: it's just a reflection of the interests of a big
>majority of the list.
>However, we've noticed that topics other than Italian bikes
>sometimes struggle for recognition and attention.
>The idea behind the group is to form a loose association of like-
>minded individuals. We're not talking about a list, here, just a
>bunch of people keeping in close touch about British and French
>A main aim would be to make available to everyone in the group as
>much literature, information and bike photography as possible. All
>the useful information and pictures would be brought together on a
>new website. Think of the resource this could become!
>There's an awful lot of information out there in the cupboards and
>drawers of bike enthusiasts all over the world. Guys like Hilary
>Stone could probably provide enough for a small library! Wouldn't it
>be great to get as much of this stuff as possible on-line? That's
>what we'd like to do starting with our own info about British and
>French bikes and adding anything that others would like to
>There would only be one rule: bikes and bits would have to be
>British or French.
>We held an international competition to find a name for this new
>body and, from the many entries, chose the highly creative-
>"British and French Group".
>Anyone interested should contact Bob at or
>Bruce at with British and French Group in
>the subject line.
>Thanks, The Flying Scots

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