[CR]ebay Etiquette

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Subject: [CR]ebay Etiquette
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:33:56 EDT

Help, What kind of feedback should I leave for a seller on an auction that was not what it was described to be. I had asked during the auction a specific question about the nature of the item and received a quick and positive response. When the item was delivered and turned out to be something different, an exchange of e-mails convinced me the seller didn't really know the item (he said he was selling it for a friend). He returned my bid plus shipping (and offered return shipping, too). At the end of the auction, when he had received my payment, he left Positive feedback for me at ebay. I don't think he tried to deliberately deceive (the item was in a NOS box referencing a similar but different item, which he then described in the auction), so my question is, what kind of feedback do I owe him? Positive (for being so responsive and making it right), Neutral (for not making a more informed response to my question), or Negative (for possibly making me miss a more appropriate auction). Thank you for your opinions.
Tom Donahue
Melbourne, FL