[CR]CR folk gathering at InterBike

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Subject: [CR]CR folk gathering at InterBike
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 10:08:29 EDT

Some of us that have to work rather than play at the Velo Rendezvous (? Sob!)

For those CR folk attending Interbike, I am proposing we get together by locating one another of toward the end of the InterBike block party on Sunday night, Oct. 6 at the Imperial Palace...and then adjourning as a group to a nearby restaurant or bar for another hour or so of chit chat....

Bill Boston will be there and I hope he can meet with us. He is premiering his new Accufit system for frame builders. Here's what he wrote to me: "I have just completed Accufit Designer, that is the one for frame builders. I am looking for some people to test it and tell me what the reports should look like and if there are any dimensions that I missed that should be added.....(snip) ........ I can bring it to Vegas and demo it for you." I am not sure he can demo that system in a bar but it will be fun to talk to him!

Jan Johnson will also be working the show for Alex and his wool goodies. I hope she can join us as well.

There also may be folks who made it to Velo Rendezvous and can give us a report!

I am not certain about the layout of this party but I propose we meet at 7:30 PM just to the right of the main entrance (your right side as you enter, not exit!) I will try to come up with a sign or visual aid!

The Party starts at 6:30 PM so that gives an hour to socialize there..We will depart at 8 PM sharp for our next destination. (Be on the look out for a good place!)

Here's the poop from the Interbike web site on the Block Party: << OKTOBERFEST BLOCK PARTY Celebrate another year at Interbike with thousands of industry associates! Visit the many "parties within the party" from your favorite exhibitors. Featuring: BMX Stunt Show, Trials Demonstration, Live Music, Food and Beverages Open to all attendees. October 06, 2002 6:30 PM Location: Imperial Palace Parking Lot >>

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