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Subject: Re: [CR] To ride or not
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Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 18:31:54 -0400

At 03:56 PM 9/6/2002 -0800, J.Dunn wrote:
>Tom Dalton wrote: "What I really don't get is "BOB" types, some of whom are
>just getting into riding, but who long to buy and use retro gear that they
>never even knew about when it was current.

CR is the Retro list, BOBs are cyclings Shakers, make it simple & beautiful. or failing that, make it out cast offs. Another unstated thread is a reaction against the over complication of current life. Why make a such a simple thing as a bicycle complicated ? A friction shifter is a more elegant solution than a STI brifter for example. G.P. had a new retrofriction shifter made, he is not coming out with a Cambio-Corsa bike. -------- Scott Goldsmith Zinzinnati, Ohio Life is too short, for ugly toys.