Re: [CR]To ride or not, new and old!

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From: <>
Subject: Re: [CR]To ride or not, new and old!
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 21:07:05 EDT

I've got new. I've got old. I have to admit that although I will ride a 50th anniversary group, I don't do it often for fear of wear. I also once had a bike that I didn't ride because I was afraid I would hurt it--so, I sold it. When I compare new rides vs old rides, I have the same saddles, so that part isn't different; I ride Look pedals exclusively because of neuroma problems I developed with clips and straps and combat boots; but the difference is shifting and feel of the brake hoods. At the Cirque 2002, probably half of my bikes had STI and Ergo. Now, I'm down to 3 of 13. I'm converting my bikes back to friction Campagnolo, either NR/SR and C-Record. Why? Because I can. My hands develop numbness, so I take more motrin, nothing wrong with that. All of my riding bikes are lugged steel. I get up every morning and I'm thrilled when I have 40 CR emails to wade thru even when some of them are rubbish. I am disappointed when only 5 show up. Great group this CR. Great period we follow for bikes. Nothing wrong with any bike, it is just we joined this group for those that were pre-index amd pre-bike boom, simple as that. Is that snobbish? I don't think so. If you like to ride the others, do so. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL