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From: "H.M. & S.S. Sachs" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Now: American Constructeurs;
Cc: Brian Baylis <>
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 20:31:37 -0400

The estimable Brian Baylis wrote: With regards to American "constructeur" framebuilders; I can't think of any that qualify past a few builders who may have built racks or an occassional stem along with a touring bike. As Monkeylad mentioned, touring never really took hold here in the US for whatever reason. <snip> to excise thoughts on his own plans.

As a recovering cycle camper, with Beloved Spouse, I can say why we abandoned classical bike touring, with the connotation of bike camping. Our last such trip was from Cleveland, OH, to Atlanta, GA. 80 m/day for 10.5 days. Susan on an OTB, and I think I still had my Dawes Double Blue. We'd had a great time doing this in Oregon a couple of years earlier, but in the east it wasn't near as much fun, even in '75. It combined all the disadvantages of backpacking (carrying the load, limited campsite options) with the disadvantages of car camping (tourist who didn't know how to drive the oversize RVs, late night noise of Onans and drunks in overcrowded campgrounds, etc.

since then, we've done TOSRV-type rides, and Cycle Vermont credit-card rides from B&B to B&B. We've done lots of back packing, too. But we've quite trying to mix camping with self-contained bike riding. I suspect that this kind of difference, at least in the East, from post-war France, will limit the appeal of true "constructeur" touring bikes here.

just my opinion, and I keep wondering if things are still wonderful in Oregon...where the sign of a quiet campsite was pit toilets only. Kept people away in droves.

harvey sachs
mcLean VA