Re: [CR]What's so special about these Simplex QRs

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Subject: Re: [CR]What's so special about these Simplex QRs
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 20:54:53 EDT

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<< R Francophiles,

Time to crank up the CR Simplex Knowledge machine......

What's so special about these Simplex QRs???<blah>

David Allen
   Marietta, Georgia
    >> David, I saw a used pair missing one of the plastic wingnut caps (and the spring to keep it on) go for about $70 a while back. I was shocked PX-10 IS special after all! Ed Kasper Detroit MI
       Where today I was riding across the city through a 'rough' neighborhood and had a very nice experience. An older gentleman on the sidewalk yelled out to me as I pedaled by: "Hey, that looks like my old bike...Its not a Louison Bobet, is it?" I yelled back over the traffic noise, "I wish!" and exchanged a smile with him. (It was a lowly late 80s Panasonic DX-4000, uniglide and all, but that didn't matter.) The headwind, heat, humidity and hoopties didn't seem so bad after that.