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From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: Tom Sanders <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Modernizing a classic
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Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 11:44:09 -0700


Here's what I think, not that it matters. First, tell us what period the frame is from. Was it originally 120mm spacing and is now 126mm or was it originally 126mm? That will make A LOT of differance to me. If it's an earlier CA Masi or an Italian Masi I heavily reccommend NOT modernizing. Why not buy a frame from the period of the parts you want to use and stick them on that frame? I spend countless hours "unmodernizing" frames for many people on this list. If the refinish is not like the original (i.e. not factory colors, already had other braze-ons added, has a paint decal on chainstay), then you're already in no mans' land.

Why take an old frame and hang new parts on it? It was built for older parts so don't mess with it. I think most of us think in terms of what frame we are going to seek out. This is a case of deciding what parts you want to use and then sticking a frame in hand unter them. Use modern parts on modern frames; just don't tell us about it unless it's an "approved" modern classic.

Sure, there are those who will drop a Chevy 454 into a Metro, but why? Makes the Metro owners cringe, dont'cha know? Make some sweet wheels for that sweet vintage bike and it will be a joy to ride. There are plenty of modern frames which will gladly accept the modern gear without any surgery. Go for that!

It's just my opinion but it does seem odd to think in terms of retrofitting modern gear to old bikes. Sure, it keeps work comming in but I really rather do other things. Breaks my heart to see full chromed Masi specials with a zillion braze-ons added come in here. The only up side is that they go back out looking like they did when new; only a little better. I used to "hot rod" bikes just like everyone else back in the 80's; but now the concept seems very perverse to me. My, how attitudes change! Luckily, I was never called upon to totally pimp out a bike even then; but I've seen plenty of Masis and such with way too much chrome on them and queer paint schemes that make my skin crawl. Am I too old??

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> One of the list members tells of meeting up with a rider on a Litespeed who liked the members' vintage bike better to ride than his own modern bike.
> I suppose this has been beaten to death some time before my arrival, but I am looking at a Masi frame that is already refinished beautifully and I'm thinking " I could re-do the spacing from 126mm to 130 and put new record stuff on this and I'd really have a sweet bike".
> I have two friends who closely advise me on such matters. One is horrified by the idea and the other thinks it is the way to go for a bike one intends to use. I'm more than a little curious to see what list members might have to say about this. I suppose I'll really take some lumps here.
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, Mi