Re: [CR]Now:Maximizing Profits --Parting Out

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Subject: Re: [CR]Now:Maximizing Profits --Parting Out
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:27:22 EDT

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> Part it out or sell as complete bike. Which would net maximum
> dollars he asked?
> Having parted a bunch of bikes, my experience tells me the sum of the parts is higher than the sum of the whole. Unless the bike is one of those rare bikes or has a heritage that makes it a collector bike with the original parts, you will almost always get more if you sell the parts and the frame/fork separately. Since I don't buy bikes that fit that category, I have no knowledge of that end of the market. Since I always advertise a "shipped" price, I just have to watch shipping as the rates have increased this past couple of years. My wife doesn't like all the trips to the post office either, but that's another story. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL